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Screw compressor V-Drive

Compressor performance with high endurance and speed control


The screw compressors of the V-Drive series impress with high compressor performance and speed control for high energy efficiency in compressed air generation.

30 - 75

Power output in kW

1.77 - 13.00

Volume flow according to ISO 1217 (Annex C-2009) in m³/min

5 - 13

Operating pressure in bar

Compressor series V-Drive

The V-Drive series convinces with persistently high performance as well as with numerous equipment features for particularly reliable, energy-efficient operation and convenient maintenance. A number of useful extensions are available for the V-Drive screw compressors: an efficient heat recovery system with constant temperature, an integrated refrigeration dryer that is precisely designed for the delivery volume of the system, and the latest controls for networking your entire compressed air station. The extensions to the system do not result in any change to the installation space.

Energy-saving speed control
All variants are equipped with the energy-saving speed control.  
The highly efficient direct drive is used here: the high-frequency drive motor ensures excellent efficiency over the entire speed range. The operating pressure is continuously adjustable from 5 - 13 bar. The high-quality frequency converter is easily accessible inside the control cabinet - an optimised cooling air duct ensures optimal ventilation inside. The inverter and cables are completely electromagnetically shielded.

Optionally with integrated refrigeration dryer (up to 37 kW)
In this version, the refrigeration dryer is integrated into the unit to save space. It is supplied with voltage directly via the compressor, controlled and protected against freezing at "underload". The characteristic values of the refrigeration dryer are exactly adapted to the respective kW class; it is not possible to "overrun" the dryer.

Heat recovery system
All units are designed in such a way that heat recovery can be integrated - either directly ex works or by retrofitting. The energy absorbed for the compressed air can thus be almost completely converted into usable heat. For example, as hot water for feeding into heating systems or for heating process water or service water. The constant temperature of the heat recovery system ensures operational reliability.

Reduced service costs
The V-Drive screw compressors have a very maintenance-friendly design: all components are easily accessible from one side, and the large sound-insulating doors can be easily removed. This reduces maintenance and downtime to a minimum. This keeps service costs absolutely manageable.


  • Latest control systems for networking the entire compressed air station
  • Modular system concept developed for maximum energy efficiency
  • Efficient heat recovery system with constant temperature
  • Optionally with integrated refrigeration dryer - precisely matched to the delivery volume of the system

Technical Data


Volume flow according to ISO 1217 (Annex C-2009)Rated motor









* based on an operating overpressure of 7 bar at 50 Hz

Quality characteristics