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ALMiG compressors and accessories

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With our visionary orientation, we are continuously developing our products and services under the guidelines of efficiency and sustainability.

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Screw compressors

In the field of screw compressors, ALMiG is probably the manufacturer with the most extensive product range. Thanks to the clever modular system, approx. 80-90 % of all compressor components in a certain kW class are the same. The drive system can be selected variably. This means that ALMiG always offers the right drive concept for every application. ALMiG screw compressors stand for maximum reliability and operational safety in continuous operation and even minimise your operating costs.

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Piston compressors

The field of application of modern piston compressors is versatile, from trade to industry. ALMiG piston compressors have been specially developed to meet all the requirements of tough everyday work with flying colours. They offer a flexible, reliable compressed air supply and operate particularly economically. Our units are used in the low, medium or high pressure range (up to 400 bar) - and oil-free units are also available. ALMiG supplies you with piston compressors that are specially designed for the respective area of application.

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SCROLL compressors

Scroll compressors operate extremely smoothly, resulting in a very low noise level. The 100% oil-free compressed air produced by scroll compressors makes them the ideal solution for highly sensitive applications and the low noise level means they can be installed directly where the high quality compressed air is needed.


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Centrifugal compressors

Many special applications in the field of compressed air technology make it necessary to have a product that is adapted to the respective requirement. The special field of application of the DYNAMIC turbo compressors is mainly in the medium to large industrial sector of the petrochemical, refinery, steel and automotive industries - in short, everywhere where a consistent and highly reliable compressed air supply with 100 % oil-free compressed air is required - and this particularly economically.

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Oil-free compressors

100% oil-free compressed air is essential in many areas in order to avoid contamination of the end product by oil. ALMiG offers a wide range of oil-free compressors to provide the right compressor for every application.

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Compressed air treatment

To ensure optimum use of compressed air, it should be dry, clean and sometimes oil-free. Reason enough to pay individual attention to the properly matched compressed air quality.

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Compressor control

With the ALMiG AIR CONTROL control family, you are able to optimally control, manage and monitor your entire compressed air supply. The use of state-of-the-art microprocessor and communication technology guarantees you optimum operating convenience, simple setting options and smooth integration of all compressor models and the entire range of accessories.

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Railway compressors

ALMiG develops, produces and distributes all main components for the air supply system in vehicles. Our efficient systems produce compressed air in the quality and quantity required by the customer. Our company is regarded as a guarantor for cutting-edge technology in the commercial vehicle and railway industry.

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Special solutions

For special customer requirements, ALMiG offers project-based special solutions, e.g. for the marine sector, the railway sector or compressed air containers.

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Heat utilisation

The heat utilisation of your screw compressor offers you a considerable savings potential. The energy used to generate compressed air can be almost completely converted into heat.

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Efficiency and sustainability are ALMiG's guiding principles. With this orientation, we are constantly developing our products with regard to resource-saving and environmentally compatible use. We are continuously working on more and more efficient compressors in order to reduce the energy consumption of the plants and to achieve an ever better specific performance.  
Our oil-free compressors and compressed air treatment components ensure greater sustainability. The less oil is used, and thus released into the environment together with other dirt particles, the better for our environment. That is why we are continuously developing our oil-free systems and our treatment components are also undergoing a constant optimization process.