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The ALMiG compressed air calculator

The most important calculation tools in one app.


ALMiG Compressed Air Calculator App - Keyvisual

ALMiG's compressed air calculator offers important calculation tools and information for the optimization of compressed air stations e.g. the determination of pressure drop and leakage quantity - fast, mobile and easy.

The tools of the compressed air calculator give users and decision-makers a quick, manufacturer-independent overview of the options available for optimizing the compressed air station and thus achieving potential energy savings, for example. An additional feature of the app is the unit converter, which can be used to quickly and easily convert values from six physical quantities into international units (e.g. power, volume and pressure).

The app is available in German and English and, in addition to the nine calculation tools, also offers the option of contacting ALMiG directly via a contact form if you have any questions. 


  • Unit calculator: pressure, volume, power, volumetric flow, energy and temperature

  • Calculation of the pressure drop in the pipeline network

  • Calculation of condensate volume during compression

  • Calculation of the standard volume according to DIN 1343 and ISO 2533

  • Calculation of the optimal compressed air tank size

  • Calculation of the sound pressure level
        - ...of several equal sound sources and
        - ...several unequal sound sources

  • Calculation of the minimum duct cross-section

  • Calculation of the minimum nominal duct size

  • Determination of the leakage quantity
        - ... by vessel emptying and
        - ... by duty cycle measurement

Get the ALMiG compressed air calculator now on your tablet or smartphone at Google Play™ or in the App Store!

Get ALMiG's compressed air calculator on your tablet or smartphone now at Google Play™!

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