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ALMiG stands for Automatic Air Pumps (Automatische Luftpumpen) - Made in Germany and is one of the leading system suppliers in compressed air technology. We stand for decades of experience in top products in the compressed air industry. Companies all over the world trust our customer-oriented solutions, our quality, innovation and flexibility.


ALMiG Kompressoren GmbH

The decisive foundations for the efficiency of every plant manufactured at ALMiG are continuous research and development. Because only constant further development and improvement enable us to react quickly and flexibly to individual customer requirements. This attitude is complemented by extensive industry know-how and the comprehensive range of services with which ALMiG stands by each customer as a competent partner for all questions.

Our customers receive highly developed compressor technologies and comprehensive services from ALMiG. The current technologies combine excellent performance values with maximum running smoothness, optimum energy efficiency and a particularly careful use of resources.
As you can see: It is worth getting to know our traditional Swabian company.

ALMiG: Compressor Systems Made in Germany

The history of ALMiG Kompressoren GmbH

ALMiG originates from a traditional company whose products have always been synonymous with quality, innovation and customer awareness in the compressed air industry.

100 Years of ALMiG

Learn more about our history

About history


Mission & Vision


With our visionary orientation, we continuously develop our products and services under the guidelines of efficiency and sustainability.

Efficiency and sustainability are ALMiG's guiding principles. With this orientation, we are continuously developing our products with regard to resource-saving and environmentally compatible use. We are continuously working on more and more efficient compressors in order to reduce the energy consumption of the plants and to achieve an ever better specific performance.  
Our oil-free compressors and compressed air treatment components ensure greater sustainability. The less oil is used, and thus released into the environment together with other dirt particles, the better for our environment. That is why we are continuously developing our oil-free systems and our treatment components are also undergoing a constant optimization process.



What do we do?

We manufacture high-quality compressed air systems for use in all industries worldwide. With our innovative and customized products as well as our comprehensive services, we increase our customers' productivity.



Where are we going and why are we doing what we are doing?

We want to inspire everyone worldwide who comes into contact with our solutions and products, whether as a customer, partner or employee.

We achieve this through consistent customer orientation. To this end, we align each of our products as well as our services completely with the needs and wishes of the customer. We are significantly expanding the topics of quality, agility, flexibility and service in order to inspire all stakeholders.
We create a safe, healthy and open working environment for our employees and support each individual to fully develop his or her potential at ALMiG.


Quality standards

Our compressors meet the acceptance conditions according to:

  • ISO 1217-3 Annex C-2009
  • ASME
  • OSHA

and comply with CE directives.
Even the most stringent acceptance conditions such as:

  • ABS

etc. are a matter of course for us.
ALMiG company is certified according to:

  • IRIS 02
  • ISO 9001: 2008
  • ISO 14001: 2004


Founded in 1953, Fusheng Group is the parent company of ALMiG, which specializes in manufacturing a wide range of products from air compressors to golf club heads to semiconductor lead frames.


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