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COMPASS - Compressed air service solution

Digital service management for your ALMiG compressors


ALMiG COMPASS - Key Visual

From reactive to proactive with a central service solution. COMPASS is the central software with which all ALMiG compressor operating data can be viewed and monitored in real time.

With COMPASS, we are bringing a new type of service management to the market by offering our end customers and partners the opportunity to obtain all information with just a few clicks. By connecting via IoT, we can guarantee our customers an immediate benefit and increase the safety of every production plant.


ALMiG COMPASS - All information at a glance - Graphic
Complete access to all information about compressors
  1. Easy access to all important system information
  2. 24/7 information database
  3. Easy communication and direct response
  4. Monitoring of all systems in one tool
ALMiG COMPASS - Compressor monitoring - Image
Active monitoring of the individual compressors
  1. IoT - connectivity for every compressor
  2. Real-time updates
  3. Immediate notification of critical status updates
  4. Improved uptime through preventive maintenance


ALMiG COMPASS - Data management - Image
From reactive to proactive
  1. Data management
  2. Simplifies service activities
  3. Complete coverage of all plant-related activities

All relevant compressor data at a glance at any time and from anywhere

Together with Vodafone and grandcentrix, we have developed a solution to equip our compressors for the Internet of Things (IoT). With the Modbus Cloud Connect, data can be sent to COMPASS even in the most isolated compressor rooms. This means you can keep an eye on all relevant data from your machines at all times and from anywhere and can identify optimisation potential.

ALMiG compressed air systems enhanced with IoT modules report operating and consumption data to the ALMiG cloud. COMPASS then takes over the analysis, visualization and further processing of this data.

Case Study

ALMiG uses the IoT product Modbus Cloud Connect from Vodafone and grandcentrix to digitalise its compressed air systems.