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Compressors for medical technology

Compressors for medical technology - Keyvisual

Compressors in medical technology

In medical technology companies, compressed air is needed for some work steps. If the compressed air comes into direct contact with the product, the quality of the compressed air is particularly critical. Although it is possible to produce technically oil-free compressed air with oil-injected compressors and additional treatment with filters, there is a risk of residual oil in the compressed air system. This can lead to contamination and incalculable follow-up costs. Therefore, do not compromise and choose a compressor that does not use oil within the compression process.

Compressors in medical facilities

With hundreds of different applications, compressed air is essential in medical facilities to ensure a safe environment for people of all health levels.

Clean, high quality machines are essential to the medical sub-sectors of the industry. Not only do they benefit the staff who work there, but the procedures that use compressed air can ensure safe and healthy treatment for patients. Therefore, it is important to provide equipment that can meet the high demands of the industry.

Compressed air procedures in the medical industry are extensive and have many different applications. Here are a few examples:

  • Medical instruments: many hospital tools are powered or cleaned by pneumatic systems. One example is surgical procedures. Instruments used for drilling, puncturing or dissecting all rely on compressed air.
  • Monitors: Compressed air is found in medical equipment that monitors vital signs such as blood pressure, body temperature, heart rate and respiratory rate to track a patient's well-being. The use of air compressors makes the monitoring process more accurate while eliminating any potential for error.
  • Ventilators: Artificial respirators are powered by air compressors. Ventilators are used to supply air to patients undergoing surgery or more serious conditions. In addition, compressed air works with the air filtration system in hospitals to provide clean, dry and pure air. To meet these requirements, it is important for the industry to invest in high-quality pneumatic machines to ensure clean air for all.
  • Maintenance: Compressed air is used to power equipment that helps repair, replace and maintain hospitals and hospital supplies. This is important because it keeps hospitals clean while ensuring that equipment remains at the highest possible quality.