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Compressors for the pharmaceutical industry

Compressors for the pharmaceutical industry - Keyvisual

Pneumatic machines with reliability and durability are important factors to consider when supporting the increasing demands of the pharmaceutical industry.

The pharmaceutical industry plays an important role in the well-being of millions of patients. This industry relies on compressed air to produce bottles and medications. The medications produced must follow a precise formula while operating in an environment free of germs, bacteria and contaminating oils. As the industry continues to expand, regulation and efficiency are important factors to consider when thinking about the right machines to meet the ever-growing demand.

Pharmaceutical companies are seeing increased demand for compressed air. Here are just a few examples:

  • Manufacturing of medical pills and capsules: The industry uses compressed air to measure and mix ingredients, harden and shape the pills and capsules, and give the drugs an outer gel shell.

  • Medical formulas: Compressed air is used to accurately measure ingredients for the production of medicines. This is essential for production as it eliminates the possibility of germs.

  • Filling: Specialized pneumatic systems are used to form drug containers in specific sizes, shapes and colors. This is critical for the pharmaceutical industry as sizes, shapes and colors play an important role in drug identification. By using compressed air, the packaging of tablets, capsules and liquid medications can be done in a contamination-free environment.

  • Cartons: In the assembly lines, air compressors ensure a high level of consistency and reliability. The pneumatic machines are responsible for cutting, folding, printing and packaging the products.