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Industry 4.0

Into the digital age with ALMiG


Make the right decisions at any time: This is easily achieved when a variety of facts from your compressed air station are available to you, regardless of where you are.

This requires nothing more than connecting your control system to the intranet or internet.
Intelligent control systems ensure communication between man and compressor. In this way, they contribute to efficient compressor management, with which all monitoring and documentation functions can be performed. This is an essential component for reducing costs and increasing transparency and operational reliability. Both for individual compressors and for the compressor network including your compressed air treatment components.
With the help of these intelligent and modern ALMiG control systems, it is possible for the compressor unit to contact a service center directly, even before you realize that maintenance or a malfunction is due. With ALMiG telemonitoring, you are on the safe side.


The advantages of Industry 4.0 for compressed air stations:

  • Remote diagnosis by our service specialist. This eliminates the cost of long journeys.
  • Automatic exchange of information and dispatch of fault, warning and status messages directly to you.
  • Consulting/optimization of your compressed air station after remote reading of the operating parameters by our expert engineers.
  • Extended service life of the compressors through continuous monitoring and data communication.
  • Downtimes of the compressed air station are reduced to a minimum by our telemonitoring.
  • The service technician already has the right spare parts with him in the event of an emergency.
  • Malfunctions are detected and repaired more quickly.
  • You do not have to worry about maintenance appointments.
  • A maximum of economic efficiency and availability of the compressor station can thus be realized.

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