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Scroll compressor SCROLL

Highly efficient and 100% oil-free


The new SCROLL series combines creative ingenuity with advanced technology to produce 100% oil-free compressed air at an extremely low noise level.

4 - 15

Power output in kW

0,35 - 1,70

Volume flow according to ISO 1217 (Annex C-2009) in m³/min

8 & 10

Operating pressure in bar

Compressor series SCROLL

The 100% oil-free SCROLL series is equipped with a highly efficient IE3 motor and operates very quietly with 61 dB(A) (SCROLL 04). The compact design makes the units ideal for installation in small and confined spaces or directly at the workplace.
The units operate in a volume flow range of 0.35 - 1.70 m3/min with an operating pressure of 8 and 10 bar. Due to the low-maintenance V-belt drive, the drive power of 4 - 15 kW is transmitted almost loss-free.

Compressor stage
The compressor stage of a scroll compressor consists of two interacting scrolls, one stationary and one rotating. During operation, the rotary motion creates a constantly narrowing spiral-shaped area between the two scrolls. This area is referred to as the working space. When the sucked-in air enters this working space, it is compressed in the narrowing space. The spiralling motion of the rotating spiral causes the air to be continuously compressed as it moves along the spirals. At the end of the process, the compressed air is expelled.

The main advantages of this design are the continuous and pulsation-free pressure generation and the minimised vibrations. In addition, scroll technology is characterised by a low noise level, as the process takes place without the abrupt increase in pressure that can occur with conventional piston compressors.

Inlet valve
The inlet valve directs the intake air into the compressor block. The optimised air flow minimises pressure drop and noise level.

The finned radiator is designed for highly efficient heat exchange and low pressure drop. The air flows from top to bottom through the cooler to avoid condensate backflow.

Technical data


Volume flow according to ISO 1217 (Annex C-2009)Rated motor power




at 7 bar*

at 8 bar*

at 10 bar





80.880.850.692 x 3,710207501645440
111.321.281.043 x 3,716007501830650
151.761.701.384 x 3,716007501830720
*for 8 bar Compressors

Quality characteristics