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Adsorption dryer

ALM-CD activated carbon adsorber from ALMiG

Adsorption dryers are used wherever a pressure dew point of +3°C is not sufficient.

    Cold-regenerating adsorption dryers

    ALM-CD Series

    The ALM-CD cold-regenerating adsorption dryers are used where compressed air is to be dried to a pressure dew point of -20°C, -40°C or optionally -70°C. The series offer compact design and simple operation.

    Key data:

    • Pressure dew point: -20°C, -40°C, -70°C
    • Volume flow rates: 9 - 9400 m3/h
    • Operating pressure: 3 - 16 bar (g)
    • Ambient temperature: 5 - 50°C


    • Low maintenance costs
    • Easy installation/operation
    • Compact and space-saving
    • Constant pressure dew point
    • Guaranteed reliability

    Heat regenerating adsorption dryer

    ALM-WD Series

    Especially at higher capacities, heat-regenerating adsorption dryers are more efficient and, above all, lower in operating costs than cold-regenerating ones.

    Key data:

    • Pressure dew point: -40°C at 100% nominal load
    • Volume flow rates: 245 - 4280 m3/h
    • Operating pressure: 4 - 16 bar (g)
    • Ambient temperature: 5 - 50°C


    • Ideal positioning of the heating elements in the drying bed
    • Optimal utilisation of the regeneration energy
    • Low maintenance costs
    • Simple installation/operation
    • Constant pressure dew point

    Energy-efficient drying of your oil-free compressed air

    ALM-HOC Series

    With the ALM-HOC (heat of compression) series, the compressed air is dried using only the heat of compression, without any additional energy input.

    The ALM-HOC compressed air dryers offer:

    •  a stable pressure dew point, even in partial-load/controlled operation
    • high efficiency due to flow-optimised fittings for minimum differential pressures
    • efficient cooling through the partial flow of the cold compressed air volume flow