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Oil-free compressors

100 % oil-free compressors for sensitive applications

Compressors for medical technology - Keyvisual

ALMiG offers oil-free compressors in various compression technologies to provide you with clean compressed air for every requirement.

In sensitive areas of application, maximum precision and reliability are essential to ensure smooth processes and the quality of the end products. For this reason, oil-free compressors should be the first choice. Here are some convincing reasons why they are indispensable in sensitive areas of application:

  • Contamination-free
    Oil-free compressors eliminate the risk of oil-related contamination in the compressed air. In sensitive areas such as the food and pharmaceutical industries, freedom from contamination is crucial to ensure the highest quality standards.
  • Product quality and safety
    The absence of oil minimises the risk of product contamination. This is particularly important in industries where even the slightest contamination can affect product quality or even jeopardise the safety of the end user.
  • Constant performance
    Sensitive applications require a constant and reliable compressed air supply. Oil-free compressors ensure constant performance even under demanding conditions, minimising downtime and production disruptions.
  • Environmental friendliness
    Oil-free operation not only contributes to process reliability, but also protects the environment. Dispensing with oil-based lubricants reduces potential environmental impact and meets the growing demand for sustainability.

Overall, oil-free compressors offer a decisive advantage in sensitive areas of application: they not only ensure maximum process reliability, but also promote quality standards and environmental compatibility in sensitive industries. Invest in the future of your production with oil-free compressed air technology.

Our products

ALMiG piston compressor A series

Flexible and low-maintenance, oil-free piston compressor.

ALMiG Scroll compressor SCROLL

Extremely quiet and compact for use directly at the workplace, e.g. in laboratories.

ALMiG Oil-free Screwcompressor LENTO

Water-injected, speed-controlled screw compressor for 100 % oil-free compressed air that adapts flexibly to the compressed air requirements of your production.

ALMiG Oil-free Screwcompressor SIMPLEXX

Dry-running screw compressor from 9.04 - 48.6 m3/min for a high demand for oil-free compressed air.