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Condensate drain ALM-D

Condensate is inevitably produced during compressed air generation. The condensate contains oil and dirt particles and can cause corrosion in the compressed air lines and at the consumer if it is not safely discharged.
With the ALM-D condensate drains from ALMiG you can achieve reliable condensate drainage.



10 - 100

Volume flow in m3/min

0 - 16

Max. Operating pressure in bar

+1 - +50

Ambient temperature in °C

Level-controlled steam trap ALM-D 10

The ALM-D 10 is a level-controlled condensate drain without air losses for smaller compressed air systems. The ALM-D 10 contains a reliable, direct-operated valve with FPM seal and covers pressure ranges from 0 to 16 bar (up to 230 PSI).
With an inlet height of only 74 mm, the ALM-D 10 is a very compact solution with unique installation flexibility and reliability.

Typical application is in refrigeration dryers and filters due to its compact size and light weight of less than 500 grams. The maximum compressor capacity of this trap is 10 m³/min (350 CFM).

Equipment features:

  • Very compact and very light
  • One model covers all capacities up to 10 m³/min compressor capacity
  • The inlet height of only 74 mm offers easy installation
  • The external position of the valve ensures easy and quick maintenance
  • Robust, corrosion-resistant aluminium housing
  • Built-in clever valve self-cleaning mode
  • Voltage options: 230/115/24 VAC, 24 VDC
  • DIN 43650-B plug connection
  • IP65 protection class

Electronically level-controlled condensate drain ALM-D 100

The ALM-D 100 removes all types of condensate from compressed air systems up to 100 m³/min without air losses. Energy savings can be achieved due to the air loss-free feature. The compact and robust aluminium housing, the 2/2 way direct operated valve with large passage, alarm NC or NO and the integrated strainer, ensure that the ALM-D 100 is the most reliable solution for all compressed air applications.

Equipment features:

  • Compact solution without air loss
  • Alarm function (NO or NC) integrated as standard
  • Capacitive level control technology saves compressed air, energy and money
  • Robust, corrosion-resistant aluminium housing, EP paint finish
  • Directly controlled valve ensures reliable condensate drain
  • Integrated stainless steel strainer
  • Voltage options: 230/115/24 VAC, 24 VDC. Plug connection DIN 43650-B
  • IP65 protection class