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Piston compressor HLA

Compact compressed air stations for industry and trade.


ALMiG Piston compressor HLA

The ALMiG piston compressor HLA is characterised by reliability and robustness.

1.5 - 11

Power class in kW

181 - 1220

Volume flow according to ISO 1217 (Annex C-2009) in l/min


Operating pressure in bar

Compressor series HLA

With the HLA series, ALMiG offers, in addition to its comprehensive portfolio of screw compressors, a new series of oil-lubricated piston compressors.
The use of high quality cast iron for the main components such as cylinders, cylinder head, connecting rods and pistons and the use of stainless steel valves and modern roller bearings is evidence of the high quality of these piston compressors.

All these measures result in a very high durability and thus long service life of the entire piston compressor.

The HLA series impresses with reliable and robust operation at comparably low cost.


  • Energy-efficient motors
  • High-quality and robust components
  • Long service life
  • Variety of variants



Technical data


Effective delivery quantity
according to ISO 1217 (Annex C-2009)                                         

Rated motor power


Intake volumeSpeedDimensions


at 10 bar





HLA 02-10-901811.590l, Horizontal, Mobile2498001079x906x496
HLA 02-10-1501811.5150l, Horizontal, Mobile2498001367x939x507
HLA 02-10-150 V1811.5150l, Vertical, Stationary249800673x1466x712
HLA 03-10-902212.290l, Horizontal, Mobile3009501079x906x496
HLA 03-10-1502212.2150l, Horizontal, Mobile3009501367x939x507
HLA 03-10-150 V2212.2150, Vertical, Stationary300950673x1466x712
HLA 03-10-270 V2212.2270l, Vertical, Stationary300950673x1749x812
HLA 06-10-1504504150l, Horizontal, Mobile5699501357x1070x507
HLA 06-10-2704504270l, Horizontal, Mobile5699501635x1243x657
HLA 06-10-270 V4504270, Vertical, Stationary569950843x1889x812
HLA 08-10-2706005.5270l, Horizontal, Mobil7506801580x1311x657
HLA 08-10-5006005.5500l, Horizontal, Stationary7506801987x1338x638
HLA 10-10-2708017.5270l, Horizontal, Mobile10119201580x1311x657
HLA 10-10-5008017.5500l, Horizontal, Stationary10119201987x1338x638
HLA 15-10-500122011500l, Horizontal, Stationary15608601960x1406x664


Quality characteristics