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Compressed air filter

ALMiG compressed air filter

Compressed air filters guarantee clean compressed air for the highest demands and requirement profiles.

30 - 13750

Volume flow in m3/min

+1 - +100

Operating temperatures in °C

Compressed air filter AFP, AFM, AFS, AFC

The field of application of compressed air filters is versatile. They are used wherever compressed air needs to be clean, dry or free of oil aerosols.
An enormous requirement profile when you consider that in 1 m³ of compressed air at a final compression pressure of 10 bar there can be over 2 billion particles and liquid molecules. A requirement profile to which the ALMiG high-performance filters are optimally adapted.


Equipment features:

  • Standard version incl. differential pressure indicator and float trap
  • Premium version incl.
    • differential pressure gauge to indicate the most economical time to replace the filter element
    • Electronically controlled condensate drain to remove condensate without loss of compressed air
  • Three-part housing with bayonet lock for easy replacement and installation of the filter elements
  • Extremely light aluminium housing with threaded connection for volume flows from 30 - 3300 m3/h
  • Alternatively, from volume flows of 2760 - 13750 m3/h steel housing with flange connection