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ALMiG Compressed Air Container

For a flexible, location-independent and reliable compressed air supply.


ALMiG Compressed Air Container - Drawing

With ALMiG compressed air containers, you are independent of the capacities and ambient conditions of your production halls.

Flexible & location-independent compressed air supply

We plan, build and install a ready-to-use compressed air station for you with compressed air preparation and, if necessary, storage in a container and adapt the compressor station to your individual customer requirements.
The container can be flexibly set up where you need it using a crane or forklift truck.



ALMiG takes over the complete project planning and design of the compressor station. The systems are tested and delivered turnkey.
ISO containers are used. These are standardised large-capacity containers (sea freight containers) made of steel that enable simple and fast loading, transport and assembly. The design is defined in the ISO 668 standard.

Container type / outer dimensions mm (L x W x H)

  • 10 feet container: 2.831 x 2.352 x 2.390 mm
  • 20 feet container: 5.898 x 2.352 x 2.390 mm
  • 40 feet container: 12.192 x 2.438 x 2.591 mm

The outside can be painted in RAL colours according to customer requirements. The components in the container are painted according to the manufacturer's standard.
The components are mounted in the container on the floor or on the wall. The container serves as an enclosure and is additionally insulated on the walls and ceiling.

The piping is carried out according to the current standards.

  • Standard steel piping in threaded or pressed design.
  • Non-pressurised condensate lines made of plastic or carbon steel.

Pipe pressure design according to the application. Leak tests and water pressure tests are carried out in the factory and monitored by the QM system. Other piping materials such as copper or stainless steel are available on request.

Electrical system
The containers are equipped as standard with pre-wired control cabinets as well as interior lighting and electric radiators for frost protection.
Wiring is done with flexible sheathed cables either in galvanised cable ducts and / or in plastic pipes. The entire system is subjected to a test run under nominal conditions (as far as possible) and only leaves the factory after a successful test run.

ALMiG has been successfully equipping a wide range of industries with its containers for many years. Well-known companies such as Mercedes Benz, Linde, Siemens, Voest Alpine and Thyssen Krupp confirm ALMiG's high level of expertise and quality.
ALMiG's special focus is on customer-specific solutions and the resulting innovations.

Siemens AG Power and Gas:

  • Power station in Malta
  • Power station in Hong Kong
  • Power station in Dubai
  • Power plant in the Philippines

Thyssen Krupp

  • Biomass plant in France

Mercedes AMG

  • Driving simulator in Affalterbach

German Rail

  • Various stations in Germany