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Oil-Water seperator ALM-OWS

Oil-water separator ALM-OWS from ALMiG

The ALM-OWS series of oil-water separators reliably removes oil from condensate in compressed air systems.




Recoverable residual oil content in ppm

2 - 60

Max. Compressor capacity in m3/min

Condensate is produced during the generation of compressed air. This condensate is contaminated with oil, which on the one hand is sucked in from the ambient air and on the other hand is used in the compressor stage for cooling. Since the contaminated condensate must not be discharged into the sewage system, it must be separated from the oil.

The ALM-OWS series of oil-water separators reliably removes oil from condensate produced in compressed air systems. For the reliable separation of oil from water, the condensate passes through several separation stages and is filtered through several filter elements. The oil adsorbing elements combine different types of adsorption technologies to achieve a residual oil content value of less than 10 ppm.
The first oil adsorbing element has a saturation indicator and provides visual control, allowing visual monitoring of the separator (even at a distance). The element compositions are always analysed and combined based on the latest, different adsorption technologies. The final stage contains specially selected activated carbon to separate the remaining impurities.

Equipment features:

  • Easy and simple element replacement
  • Multiple condensate inlets
  • Test bottle and test outlet for sampling
  • Use of high-performance filter elements
  • Simple, quick and clean installation and replacement procedure
  • Successful separation of mineral oil, synthetic oil and stable condensate emulsions by the high performance elements - for highest reliability
  • Brass hose connections ensure quick and easy installation and maintenance
  • Easy disposal in accordance with environmental protection guidelines
  • Any type and design of condensate drain can be used
  • Compact design and small footprint

Technical data