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Piston compressor AP/AT series

Mobile compressors in industrial quality


ALMiG Piston compressor AP

Energy-saving piston compressors with a long service life.

1,5 - 3,8

Power output in kW

0,19 - 0,62

Volume flow according to ISO 1217 (Annex C-2009) in m³/min


Operating pressure in bar

Compressor series AP/AT

The AP/AT series of piston compressors from ALMiG consist of mobile compressors in industrial quality with direct drive. They are available with volume flows of 190 - 620 l/min and container sizes of 50 - 200 l.

Special features of the mobile compressed air units:

  • High-quality air intake filters, generously dimensioned, with easily replaceable filter inserts
  • Valve plates made of high-quality steel with stroke limitation and long service life
  • Quick-release coupling made of steel with ULTRA-FLOW valve for high flow capacity
  • Sturdy chassis with large, wide rubber wheels for comfortable transport and safety
  • Pressure lines with lamellar surface for best cooling and long service life
  • Three-phase plug with phase inverter, simply select the correct direction of motor rotation
  • Two pressure gauges for tank and working pressure generously dimensioned cast iron fans for best possible cooling
  • Brand-name pressure switch with relief valve and hour meter for optimum monitoring
  • Robust quality energy-saving motor of class Eff 1 for lower operating costs
  • Control unit with filter regulator, lubricator, pressure gauge and 3 quick-release couplings (AT 6002, 7002)

Technical data


Volume flow according to ISO 1217 (Annex C-2009)Container capacityIntake capacityNumber of cylinders


Noise level


at 10 bar





AP 5000 D1905031011000 x 400 x 90067
AP 5000 W1905031011000 x 400 x 90067
AP 6000 D3115047521050 x 450 x 83067
AP 6000 W3115047521050 x 450 x 83067
AP 6002 D3119047521250 x 590 x 88067
AP 6002 W3119047521250 x 590 x 88067
AP 7002 D4239062021250 x 590 x 92067
AP 7004 D42320062021400 x 650 x 107067
AP 8004 D62020076521400 x 650 x 114067
AT 5000 W190243101480 x 640 x 74067
AT 6000 W311244752480 x 640 x 74067
AT 6002 D3111004752620 x 800 x 130067
AT 6002 W3111004752620 x 800 x 130067
AT 7002 D4231006202620 x 800 x 130067


Quality characteristics