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Simulation alone provides the facts

The ALMiG 3-stage plan establishes clarity regarding energy cost

The ALMiG “3-stage plan” of the Energy Balancing System (EBS system) can solve your energy problems.
This energy-balancing system indicates how the entire compressed air system can be operated with maximum energy efficiency and how to eliminate the power guzzlers.

The “3-stage plan” of the ALMiG EBS systems comprises the following three steps:

  • Measurement
  • Analysis
  • Simulation

The benefit of measuring compressed air consumption with subsequent simulation is obvious.

  • The overall compressed air system becomes transparent
  • Weak points are revealed
  • A large number of tables and graphic representations support your decision-making process
  • The effects of changes in the compressed air station can be simulated
  • Hence it is possible to run through all scenarios and develop the optimal solution for your situation

Individual advice on how to optimise the costs of a compressed air station can only be given on the unerring basis of information gained beforehand and the simulation of future overall plant or compressed air concepts.

After all, “it is better to know than to assume”.

Reason enough for the ALMiG specialists to establish your current compressed air consumption by measuring it exactly, enabling them to work out an optimal system solution together with you.

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